Linking local farmers with people in need of healthy food

Mission Statement

Farms for Life ensures the viability of local sustainable farms and provides fresh produce to members of our community who are underserved.


Farms for Life plays an important role in donating fresh food to populations who otherwise might not have access. But the deeper purpose of the organization is to encourage and empower people in transition to take charge of their health, thereby reducing the compounded health problems that can result from poor nutrition - emotional as well as physical. Eating less processed food and sugar, and increasing consumption of locally grown produce is an important way to do this.

A healthy diet is a huge part of both self care and caring for a family. For economically disadvantaged people, changing their eating habits is something they can do for themselves to improve and take charge of their lives.

Because people need support in eating in a new and different way - especially when they are working, in school, and have children - Farms for Life works with the residential agencies to provide education in preparing and cooking the fresh vegetables we provide.

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